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VMWare Escalates Developing New Blockchain Infrastructure

VMWare Escalates Developing New Blockchain Infrastructure
George Samprovalakis 03 September 2018

The DELL subsidiary VMware, has been operating on project Concord for almost two years, and whilst some of its studies has been posted over the last several months, this week's report marks the initial time the company has acknowledged in public the volume of work has long gone into developing an infrastructure based on blockchain.

Vmware claims greater scalability

In a report on tuesday, VMware said that it has evolved an open-source infrastructure based on blockchain technology designed for energy efficiency and scalability. This challenge is running under the name Project Concord and it seems to resolve scaling problems with blockchain networks.

Virtualization and Cloud computing company VMware reported on Tuesday that it has created an open-source blockchain infrastructure designed to be both scalable and power efficient.

The revealed VMware's blockchain Project Concord aims directly to provide a base for blockchain implementations that could give solutions on certain scaling issues by using modifications on the Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus algorithm typically found in blockchain networks.

Guy Golan Gueta, a Senior researcher noted in an official weblog publish that the task's algorithm makes use of a distinctive procedure of communication than the present consensus protocols that "exploits optimism to provide a common case speedy-path execution" and makes use of new cryptographic algorithms.

These improvements from modern-day protocols allow for a better network throughput, he also stated.

The group's source code has already been posted to github, with Gueta noting that the agency intends to add a number of other capabilities in the near future on this ongoing research.

As he wrote, amongst these is an execution engine for ETM-based Smart-Contracts. Other additions encompass help for Windows, Apple's OSX and a few Linux distributions, as listed by way of project github.

Finally Gueta noted:

"Project Concord's foundations stem from years of academic and
industrial research on Byzantine Fault Tolerant replication,
cryptography and distributed computing,"

The github web page states that the crew "welcomes contributions from the network," although contributors will be required to sign a confidentiality license Aggreement.

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