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Is BITCOIN Going Mainstream?

Is BITCOIN Going Mainstream?
George Samprovalakis 04 September 2018

One out of five students owns BTC or other Cryptocurrecy.

A survey of 675 students in the U.S. revealed that 9% has taken a cryptocurrency course and 26% would like to. Of the top 50 universities in the world, 42% offer at least one class on cryptocurrecies or  blockchain technology, with the highest number of classes being offered is Stanford at 10.

Coinbase teamed up with Qriously, an ad-tech firm,  to measure interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies using university students as a bell weather for future growth of emerging technologies. The study showed that nearly one in five students owns bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, while two fifths of top universities offered at least one course on the subject.

The report complimented another study published by Imperial College London in July, which found that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the logical "next step" for money and they are close to becoming a mainstream form of transactions of value and payments.

In order to break into the mainstream, the report points that BTC needs to become a legitimate medium of exchange and a unit of account and move beyond simply being a store of value.

Dr Zeynep Gurguc from Imperial said:

"New payment systems – or asset classes – do not emerge overnight but it is worth noting that the concept of money has evolved – even in our lifetime – from cash to digital or contactless payments"

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