Finding a way into the complicated world of cryptocurrencies can be a frightening challenge to most of us. Especially, because the crypto market is packed with computing, technical, finance and trading jargons. However, don't worry! We’ve collected here the most usual crypto phrases, terms, and abbreviations used in the blockchain ecosystem.

Why all this hustle?

Regarding of industries that are difficult to common people, the stock market and the IT developers worlds would be up there at the top of the list. Cryptocurrency combines both! All of the nuances of buying and selling in the monetary investing carried out within the complexity of computer language. And that makes comprenhanting the terminology and the tactics behind this brand new phenomenon doubly difficult to make sense.

So, what is this?

This is a thesaurus of most of the important terms and key phrases and their definitions which might be associated with cryptocurrency, blockchain and financial activity. On this ongoing guide, we will try to reveal all terms which are commonly used in the blockchain environment and the cryptocurrency marketplace. This glossary is all you want to be fluent and all you should be familiar with the crypto language.

Our mission is to Transfer The Knowledge

In order to help your orientation into this vast new era, we've created a definitive cryptocurrency glossary. This not only offers you an overview of the phrases used day-to-day in the cryptocurrency environment but goes deeper to give an explanation for their significance of each term and in which way they are related into the content. We will be regularly updating the ultimate cryptocurrency thesaurus, so go ahead and bookmark this web page. And in case you come upon something not listed yet and you feel it needs to be, or that it needs to be defined for you, just drop us a line.