Editorial Policy

COITOK adheres to a demanding editorial policy that is guided by objectivity, transparency, trust, high-quality sourcing and accuracy.

As a 24/7 data, comparisons and events provider, COITOK's mission is to inform, educate and connect the global blockchain community. We prefer to focus on critical news and market swifts than giving an overload of information that sooner or later will be irrelevant. Therefore COITOK intents to give robust and accurate knowledge, especially for the crypto-world newcomer.


COITOK is an independent organization. We are not owned by any fund, corporation or business that operates within the cryptocurrency or blockchain space. Our staff and management team are a group of computer programmers, cryptocurrency analysts, blockchain writers and coin researchers. No administrative members have oversight or influence on editorial operations. 

High Quality Sources

We only cover stories that have been vetted by reputable news agencies. In addition, to ensure transparency and give proper attribution, all news is cited to its original source.

Revenue Model 

COITOK earns money through memberships, events and advertising. We do not trade or invest as acompany in the cryptocurrency markets. The company does not own or hold positions in any cryptocurrencies, nor is it active in any cryptocurrency markets.


Writers are required to disclose if they have an interest in a project or an asset mentioned in a post. In such a case, there is a “Commitment to Transparency” disclaimer shown at the end of the post.

Writers’ Opinion

Even if we intend to give the most unbiased and neutral information, from time to time, authors will publish opinion articles. The views and opinion of the author do not necessarily reflect the views and opinion of COITOK.

Copyright and Attribution

All of our editors are required to source images and quotes that are within the public domain and always attribute any assets used to the original owner or creator.

COITOK may republish -for educational reasons or as a reference- content from third party sources but will always attribute the original source.

Journalistic Code of Ethics 

We try for utmost accuracy, fairness and objectivity. The team of writers will deliver news with integrity, without biases or affect from managment team. All editors and freelance writers for COITOK are required to reveal any investments or side activities associated with blockchain and crypto technology.

COITOK employees are not restricted from investing in cryptocurrencies or owning blockchain-based projects as investments. In that case COITOK maintains mandatory disclosure guidelines that all team members must provide when reporting on tokens or cryptocurrencies.

COITOK does not accept compensation for publishing product reviews or news articles. Neither do we pay for access to sources. COITOK does not take positions on the economic value on any given blockchain project, though our freelance contributors may express their own opinion and  aspects on such matters.

We periodically reviw and update these guidelines.