CoiTok Mission

COITOK stands for Coins Of Interest & Transfer Of Knowledge.

Our work offers more than information; it can inspire, educate and alert  people that are interested in blockchain technology and all of the related aspects and prospects that come along. 

We are beginning to unlock the power of the Blockchain Information & Knowledge For All 

Driving innovation

As a startup, CoiTok has one simple goal: To Transfer The Knowledge in a simple and comprehensive way. Our initial service enables Investors to have almost real-time reporting at an entirely new scale, helping them create robust portfolios and investing strategies. Every breakthrough opens up a new world, and shows us how much further there is to go. While the rate of progress is accelerating exponentially, we are only beginning to understand the significance of blockchain technology and the relative applications. 

Through constant innovation, we can make breakthroughs to help achieve improved outcomes for more individuals that want to engage with blockchain tech. That’s why we foster a collaborative culture that motivates us to do our best work and be a virtual partner in every crypto-enthusiast.

Our approach combines tech analysis, coin profiling and data services to generate insights that can help investors match their goals to more investment options and help accelerate the development of new strategies.

CoiTok provides analysis, research, education and thought leadership at the intersection of finance and technology.

CoiTok strives to present accurate, timely and relevant material to the Bitcoin and blockchain communities. We are passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and are keen to share news about the people, companies and technological developments that are changing our world. Whether our readers are new to the space or blockchain-savvy developers, investors or entrepreneurs, we aim to inform and enlighten them with quality stories that meet our stringent editorial and journalistic standards, featuring both the highs and the lows of the cryptocurrency industry.